Aberdeen City councillor commits to having inadequate bin replaced as garbage builds up in Cults

Local Councillor Marie Boulton says she will “ask” about having a bin in the Aberdeen City suburb of Cults replaced after it was left overflowing with junk for more than a week during New Year.

A bin on a busy pedestrian path and next to a stream was left overflowing with junk in Kirk Brae, Cults. Photos show it was left for more than a week over the New Year period.

Whilst it’s acknowledged that it was the holiday season, Ms Boulton admitted rubbish building up on streets and pavements has become a problem across the wider city area with council resources diverted to gritting roads during the recent cold snap.

Rubbish left in Kirk Brae, Cults for over a week

Ms Boulton said if the public comes across a bin that is full, could they please take their rubbish away with them.

Ms Boulton said: “Our teams are working hard to get up to date with bin collections after the holiday period. If the public are encountering full bins when out on their walks I would encourage them to take their waste home.

“Adding to the waste will only mean it spreading across a wider area which in turn will take us more time to clear.”

Ms Boulton was supported by fellow Ward representative Tauqeer Malik who asked for help from the public during this difficult period.

Mr Malik said: “Please take your rubbish away with you if the bin is full while council services are stretched.”

“Stretched” council services hard pill to swallow when they’re one of the most expensive in the country

Scrambling council services and diverting resources from one area to another to cover public demand is hard to accept in Aberdeen considering the city has one of the highest council tax rates in the country.

Aberdeen City has one of the highest council tax rates and receives little grants from central government **source, Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council receives 14% grant support from central government, the rest of the budget made up from charges on the local public. Put that figure in perspective “rich” areas are considered to receive around 20% central government grant support whilst poor areas can receive as high as 70%.

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Absolutely rubbish

A bin in the Aberdeen City suburb of Cults was left overflowing with garbage for more than a week over New Year.

The bin, which is situated next to a stream and on a busy pedestrian route was left with garbage piling up around it including takeaway coffee mugs and dog poop bags.

Hazel Carnegie, 73, who splits her time between Cults and Bridge of Don, thought it was rubbish the mess that was left.

Hazel said: “I think it’s disgusting. People should be encouraged to deposit their rubbish in containers but it doesn’t help when those containers are not being emptied.”

Local resident Hazel Carnegie thought the mess was rubbish

Ms Boulton is hopeful the small concrete bin will be replaced with a more adequate one.

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