Gallery: Aberdeen’s first “substantially” snowy day in over a decade

It snowed enough overnight for it be considered a genuine snowy day in Aberdeen. First in a decade.

Aberdonians woke up this morning to find their streets covered in this mysterious white substance that used to appear at this time of year quite regularly over a decade ago.

Last time snow made the news in Aberdeen was 2010

By our reckoning, and ‘substantial’ research, we think the last time it was snowy enough to make the news was recorded by the Evening Express back in November 2010.

The snow will be brief as forecasters say it’s going to “warm up” next week. Just one jumper then…

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Here’s some pics of the day to perhaps distract from the doom and gloom constantly headlined in the news.

A car covered in the morning
A snow angel
Tilly liked the snow
A snowy scene on a country lane
A wintry scene not witnessed in over a decade
The Reporter’s scientific calculations suggest close to half an inch of snow fell overnight
Enough snow to sleigh
Roads were covered
Need an orange ball to find your slice in these conditions
And finish on a calming sunset

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