New North-east cider company ‘Seidear’ sets up in Maryculter Aberdeenshire: Video and Pictures

The year of covid didn’t deter Christian Stolte from pursuing his dream of producing new cider, ‘Seidear’.

60-year-old Christian described the decision to continue his business venture even though covid decimated the hospitality and retail sectors in 2020 by saying: “This is a time to think is there something fun that you’ve always wanted to try out, and it’s a great opportunity to start something because everybody is all ears and waiting to get out of the terrible problem we are in.”

Check out the video and photos of new North-east cider, ‘Seidear‘.

Seidear is a new cider made with 100 per cent pure apple juice (no water). During filming Christian explained that in the UK, laws allow for anything with a minimum of 35 per cent apple juice to label itself cider if it so wishes.
Seidear has already been sold in shops in Aberdeenshire.
Christian (right) started the company with former work colleague Colin Booth.
Christian’s main source of apples is from walled gardens here in the North-east.

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The ‘Seidear’ cider company began life in Christian’s garage.
Christian uses a champagne method to produce his cider which includes riddling (above), done to give his cider more quality.
Christian now has his own premise and is aiming to make over two thousand bottles of Seidear by spring/summer next year (2021).
Christian recently visited Herefordshire (considered one of the cider capitals of the UK) where a lot of opinion is that it’s too cold to produce cider this far North. However Christian ignored these myths and ploughed on, producing a quality cider that has made an impression within the industry.

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