Tribute to the Cromarty Film Festival which should be happening this coming weekend but is cancelled due to Covid

For the first time in its history the Cromarty Film Festival will not be taking place.

One of the Scottish cultural highlights of the year, held in the first weekend of December for the last thirteen years, festival organiser Dave Newman said that this year, as covid restrictions continue to be imposed, it became virtually impossible to host the event.

The Reporter has put together a little ‘sound compilation’ of interviews with special guests when it covered the event in 2019.

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Cromarty and Resolis Film Society film festival cancelled

“It would be impossible to produce anything that even slightly resembled the unique and very personal experience that our film festival represented.”

It was kind of inevitable with all the restrictions in place at the moment, but sadly the 2020 Cromarty Film Festival will not happen.

The film society left a comment on their webpage saying they were “gutted” not to be able to host the festival this year.

The message said: “With heavy hearts we regret to inform you that we are not going to be running the film festival this year. We’re gutted and will miss the buzz in the air, the dressing of the venues, the running around town looking for lost guests, the convivial chat in the bar and the general revelling in all things film.”

2019 festival guests from left; Zara Belfour; Vicky Lesley; Christo Hird; Lesley Riddoch; Stuart Wilson; Keith Duncan; Cat Bruce; Sanne Jehoul *photo by Ben McMorran

Festival organiser Dave Newman said it would be impossible to create the personalised experience this year.

Dave told The Reporter: “Unfortunately, as Covid, and it’s accompanying restrictions gradually increased it became very clear that it would be impossible to produce anything that even slightly resembled the unique and very personal experience that our film festival represented.”

Cromarty holds its film festival every year at the beginning of December

Fear not though, Dave says plans are already afoot for next year’s event in December 2021, which is scheduled to go ahead.

On next year, Dave said: “All things being well, we definitely expect to be back. We already have plenty of ideas and guests in the pipeline so… fingers crossed, all will be well for Cromarty Film Festival 2021.”

Cromarty is just North of Inverness and is one of the place names on the shipping forecast

Cromarty Cinema

One piece of good news in these bleak times is that Cromarty’s new 35-seater cinema on the banks of the Firth is running and is booked out till next year.

Cromarty’s new cinema opened in January 2020

Dave said although they did have to close the cinema for a time, they realised they could offer it to groups of under fifteen people as long as they met with government health guidelines.

Dave told The Reporter: “Whilst still working under tight covid guidelines with all our volunteers, we realised we could safely allow groups of up to fifteen to hire the cinema to show their own favourite films via DVD.

“This has been hugely successful with the cinema fully booked three times a week all the way through to the next year, which means we cover all our ongoing expenses.

“Needless to say, we’re all hugely pleased with the local response.”

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