River Dee bursts its banks after weekend of biblical rainstorms

The River Dee finally gave in to the torrential amount of rain that poured down over the weekend.

The banks of the Dee burst with water only metres away from some houses in Cults.

The banks of the River Dee in Aberdeen burst after torrential rain over the weekend

It has rained constantly in the Aberdeen area for almost 48 hours from Saturday morning to Sunday evening.

-Resident of Cults concerned flood defences causing more harm than good as floodwater reaches within metres of her house

Allan Park in Cults was submerged as was parts of the golf course at Deeside Golf Club.

The the last major incident of flooding was in 2015

Passersby commented that these floods are almost equal to the huge floods of 2015.

The weather forecast suggests the rain is not going to let up with heavy showers predicted throughout the week.

The par three at Deeside Golf Club

This will of course raise more questions about climate change and what Aberdeen and its suburbs must do to protect themselves if these events occur more often.

More images round the Cults area, below.

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