Mysterious mobile home towed out of Aberdeen suburb of Cults

A white Transit van, converted into a portable-style home with a bed in the back, has been towed away having mysteriously showed up in the village of Cults.

The van, which had a bed, cupboards, clothes, food and toilet roll in the back, mysteriously showed up at the top of Abbotshall Road on Monday.

The van was towed away on orders of the police at around 4:45am this morning (23/09)
The inside of the van had been converted for someone to live in

The van was poorly parked, positioned near the junction with Jacob’s Ladder, and was taking up nearly all the pavement at the top of the street.

Chrisitan Stolte, who lives on the street, called the police about the mysterious vehicle on Monday and was told to phone back a day later if the van had not moved.

Mr Stolte said of the incident: “It was nuts.

“There was no way anybody could walk by. I saw an old lady with a walking stick have to go on the road to get round the van so it was really dangerously parked.”

Mr Stolte and his neighbour decided to don their detective hats and find out more about this van, so they approached it and, to their surprise, found it unlocked.

Mr Stolte explained: “The sliding door was open and when we looked inside it was obvious someone had slept in there not long ago.”

The van was poorly parked taking up nearly the whole pavement

Douglas Scott, who also lives on the street, said it was dangerous where the van was left, making people have to walk out into the middle of the street to get round it.

Mr Scott said: “It was very mysterious. The van showed up on Monday morning and it was badly parked. Mothers and children were having to go into the middle of the road to get round it.”

Mr Stolte feared the worst when him and Douglas took a peek inside the vehicle.

Mr Stolte said: “When we opened the door we were thinking there might be someone in there hurt or injured, but there was no one there.”

Police directed a tow truck to pick up the abandoned vehicle at 4:45am this morning.

Mr Stolte said it was the way the van was parked which was particularly strange.

Mr Stolte added: “At first we were thinking it was someone visiting a friend in the neighbourhood but then you don’t park like that.”

The vehicle is a white Ford Transit, MOT’d till the end of October and taxed till the beginning of March next year.

If anyone knows anything more about the incident please leave a comment at the bottom of the page or contact The Reporter via email.

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