Bio Technics MD claims competitors not getting hygiene products tested

The managing director of a chemical supplier in the North East has claimed many firms producing hygiene solutions to defend against covid are not putting their products through testing and instead just copying formulas off WHO guidelines.

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Whilst promoting the companies newly tested hand sanitizer range, managing director of Gourdon based company Oil Technics Limited said people are making hygiene products using alcohol formulations they took from the WHO.

MD David Evans said: “People are making alcohol formulations they haven’t actually submitted for testing, whilst we must have spent 60 to 70,000 pounds testing our products.”

One of the first hand sanitizers to be covid tested

Enduro hand sanitizer, which is one of the first hand sanitizers to be clinically proven to kill covid when used to wash hands, was produced right here in the North East.

The hand sanitizer, which is alcohol free and can be used dry whilst taken out and about, passed bovine coronavirus screen tests at the end of April.

The hand sanitizer is made in foam form

Enduro hand sanitizer has been proven to kill 99.8 per cent of the coronavirus germ within 30 seconds.

It’s one of the first hand sanitizers produced in the UK proven to kill coronavirus.

David Evans, head of Bio Technics, which is based just outside Montrose, said the product was originally tested for SARS and when coronavirus broke he put the product forward for further testing.

Mr Evans explained: “Covid is not a very strong virus. It’s easy to break up and we found that we had a product that did that very well.”

Scientific tests have shown coronavirus can stay on surfaces for up to three days.

A ‘Godsend’

Hazel Carnegie, a retired biologist from Aberdeen who had to shield due to an impaired immune system whilst lockdown was enforced, discovered the hand sanitizer at her local library and described the product as a “Godsend”.

Ms Carnegie said: “I have to be careful over hand hygiene when out and about because of my health condition. I also have very dry skin and find alcohol based sanitizers too harsh. All this hand washing we are having to do at the moment is very difficult for me.”

Bio Technics was set-up in 1995 just outside Montrose

Local councillors were full of praise for Bio Technics’ efforts.

Social Democrat Leigh Wilson said Bio Technics was keeping up a “proud history of innovation in the Mearns.”

Conservative George Carr said he was thrilled with Bio Technics recent achievement.

Mr Carr said: “Bio Technics is a valued North East company at the cutting edge of disinfection control. I am delighted to hear that they have risen to the current challenge and been contributing significantly to the fight against COVID-19.

“It thrills me to know a local Mearns company with its roots in the community has been doing such important work.”

Chemical manufacturer Bio Technics made almost a £1m of profit in 2018.

To make enquiries about Enduro hand sanitizer for use at home or at work go to the Bio Technics website.

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