Aberdeen back in lockdown

Aberdeen is back in lockdown for seven days from the 5th of August due to a cluster of coronavirus cases supposedly originating from the Hawthorn/ Adam Lounge on Holburn Street.

-Can testing bring an end to lockdown?

In the First Minister’s briefing today Nicola Sturgeon advised people not to visit Aberdeen City in this time and different households within the city limits could no longer meet indoors.

The FM did say people from the shire can go into the city for work purposes.

The decision to impose lockdown will be reviewed in seven days.

A statement from PB Devco owner Stuart Clarkson issued after the announcement by the Scottish government to lockdown Aberdeen said it was decided to close all venues associated with the company.

The statement said; “We feel we need to take the situation into our own hands to stop the spread of the virus and so have made the decision to close all PB Devco venues with immediate effect.”

The statement went on to say PB Devco urged customers who had visited SOUL at the weekend to seek advice on health issues.

Mr Clarkson wrote; “We all need to work together as quickly as possible to protect our city. As a family run business local to Aberdeen we take this very seriously.”

Back from the rig and need a pint, no matter what

Rumours about how the lockdown came into force include an oil worker who arrived into the UK via Europe going to the pub whilst showing symptoms of coronavirus.

The outbreak supposedly originated at the Hawthorn/ Adam Lounge on Holburn Street.

The First Minister said today 79 cases have been associated with the outbreak, with the potential for it to rise to over 100.

Pubs affected not contacted

Publicans and restaurent and cafe owners have complained that they found out about the lockdown imposed on them through the media and not the government.

There’s been disagreement between NHS Grampian and Health Protection Scotland’s Environmental Health Office about whose responsibility it is to contact the respective establishments involved.

Lack of track and trace

A lot of customers who have visited premises in recent weeks after bars and food outlets were allowed to open again have raised concerns about the lack of contact that has been made through the track and trace system.

The First Minister stated in today’s briefing the reason that not everyone is contacted is due to their proximity to an outbreak.

The First Minister explained in Edinburgh today; “We’ve been asked why members of the public who visited these premises have not all been contact traced. The answer is that they may not have been there at the same time as a person who has tested positive, or they might not have come within two metres of them.”

The outlets that have been linked to the outbreak are listed below.


This is just what the hospitality sector didn’t need after being forced to shut for three months in the first half of the year.

The added cost gone into reorganising businesses to meet with social distancing restrictions, along with reduced capacity and covering wages during the pandemic means this will hurt all the more.

It was said in an interview conducted by The Reporter with a local university lecturer that a second wave would be devastating for the economy. One of the uppermost fears will be seeing how badly this dents consumer confidence further in re-emerging from a second lockdown.

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2 thoughts on “Aberdeen back in lockdown

  1. Harry is breaking the news about the oil worker, well done abd ahead of the NYT, as usual.

    Read today that we may never loose Covid19, as it has been shown to re-infect back from animals in two cases, scary! Is this the end of cider-nights?


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