Aberdeen left absent as coronavirus hits

It began with news reports about some virus called ‘corona’ affecting the other side of the world. Jokes about boycotting Corona beer were posted online as everyone eagerly anticipated the coming summer months, but now there are no jokes as unprecedented measures have been placed on the people of Aberdeen and the only anticipation is for when this will all be over.

Union Street on what would’ve been a bustling Mothering Sunday

SPECIAL REPORT: 1.5million highly vulnerable missing from government databases

There were no visits to mums as the train station was left desolate
Asda Garthdee has put in place measures to limit the number of people entering its store
Shelves of tinned food were empty at Sainsburys as Britain still attempts to discourage people from stockpiling
Shopping centres have closed across the city
Restaurants and bars have closed indefinitely and many people were advised to stay away from their parents on Mother’s Day
Play parks were left empty over the weekend
Stores have put signs up warding off criminals after having to close for the foreseeable future

-Alarming drop in enquiries about non-covid health issues

The Green at the weekend
Belmont Street
Public support for each other has been unprecedented with 170,000 people volunteering for NHS England overnight

Entrance to Trinity Centre
Cinemas have closed indefinitely
Britains are urged not to stockpile as loo roll becomes something of a phenomenon

Coronavirus symptoms

The main symptoms of the coronavirus according to the NHS is a continuous dry cough and fever above 37.8C.

If you think you have coronavirus visit the NHS website (remember that NHS Scotland and England are separate sites).

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