An introduction

NCTJ course training whose alumni include Piers Morgan and BBC’s John Pienaar

-NCTJ standard journalism
-Feasible pay-as-you-go study
-Flexible learning

The National Council for the Training of Journalists is the media industry’s premier training scheme for journalists in the UK.

It provides world-class education that develops current and future journalists and prepares them for the demands of a fast-changing multimedia industry.

The NCTJ has over 60 years experience teaching gold standard journalist training.

For anyone who needs some journalistic skills such as sharpening their writing techniques, brushing up on media law, learning the skills of editing and proofreading, or mastering press releases, the NCTJ can help.

The Level 3 Diploma in Journalism is the qualification that editors look for when recruiting a trainee journalist, with the majority of successful journalists working across all media sectors NCTJ-trained and qualified.

NCTJ alumni include John Inverdale, Mark Austin, John Pienaar, Kay Burley and Piers Morgan.

The NCTJ accredits Diploma in Journalism courses at colleges, universities and independent providers across the UK.

Harry’s Story

Harry found out about the NCTJ in quite unusual circumstances.

“While searching for jobs on career websites and when on the rare occasion a trainee editorial position came up the qualification requirements always stated ‘NCTJ or other journalism qualification’.

“I had no idea what NCTJ stood for and so did what everyone does trying to find out something in this day and age- I typed it into Google.”

Having begun his diploma in journalism in May 2019 Harry says the learning curb has been steep but satisfying.

“I’ve learnt everything I’ve wanted to and more.  I’ve learnt the basis of shorthand, discovered the laws of copyright, my writing style has been transformed by the Essential Journalisms ‘use of English’, and I’ve been let in on the mysteries of the ‘inverted triangle’.”

The inverted triangle
Teeline shorthand

Pay-as-you-go learning

For Harry one of the issues of going back into education was how he could afford to learn.

“Having already gained a degree in English Literature from the University of Aberdeen and no longer qualifying for funding support in further education I looked at the NCTJ’s Diploma 3 distance learning qualification. 

Course USB sticks

“Distance learning with the NCTJ is far more viable than dishing out thousands on a Masters in journalism while still offering exposure to the same skill sets and knowledge that a first class journalist needs. 

“What’s great about the financial structure of the Dip 3 Distance Learning course is you pay as you go for the courses you require when you require them. This is far more reasonable than having to try get together one large sum to pay upfront for an entire course.

NCTJ course textbooks

“I’m able to study at my own pace and the structure gives me more time to decide what sections of journalism I want to specialise in.”  

See a showcase of Harry’s NCTJ standard articles at Latest News.

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